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Manchester | Liverpool | London


Are you ready?!


Your Houston Texans are playing across the pond for the very first time. On top of that, they're playing against a Divisional Rival as the visiting Team. Your Texans need your support! Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to support your Team in a hostile environment and enjoy some of the incredible experiences that Great Britain has to offer.


This may be the only time the Texans play in London so you don't want to miss this!


Welcome to Great Britain!


Great Britain packs so much greatness into its pint-sized shores: crumbling castles, soaring cathedrals, quaint villages, timeless landscapes and history galore. Visiting Britain is like traveling in your own personal time machine. More than 5000 years of history are sown into the British soil: here you can walk around a Neolithic stone circle, stand atop an Iron Age hill fort, visit a Roman bath, conquer a Norman castle, marvel at a medieval cathedral, wander around a Victorian museum and admire the view from a 21st-century skyscraper. It won't take long traveling round Britain to realize that it's just a little bit, well, eccentric. Since time immemorial, this has been a country determined to do things its own way: in art, architecture, literature, engineering, music, politics and comedy, the British just never seem happy to follow the herd. Perhaps it's because Britain is an island nation; no doubt it has something to do with the infamously unpredictable weather. Whatever the case, any country that can dream up welly-wanging, cheese-rolling, maypole dancing, tar-barrel racing and caber tossing simply has to be worth a visit.

What Is Included

Roundtrip airfare

4-Star Accommodations

All Ground Transportation in UK

Luxury Vehicle transfers

Private Drivers

Private Guided Tours

Most Meals Included

Private Events

Premium Lower Level Game Ticket

Stadium Drink & Snack Vouchers

Price: $4,995 per person

Travel Insurance: Travel insurance is not included but is recommended. Please contact us to learn more about why you should consider purchasing travel insurance.



• Step behind the scenes at Old Trafford and see the stadium like the legends of Manchester United themselves

• Visit Three Rivers Distillery to enjoy their award winning “Gin Experience”

• Immerse yourself in Liverpool’s music, museums and maritime history as you stroll around the iconic waterfront

• Experience St Paul's Cathedral, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Thames River, and the Tower of London

• Cheer on the Texans and enjoy premium lower level seating with drink and snack vouchers


Manchester is a city that marches forward; a city that celebrates diversity; a city that lives and loves; and a city that opens its arms to all. This one-time engine room of the Industrial Revolution and a city that incubated communism, suffragism, vegetarianism and a bunch of other 'isms' aimed at improving humanity's lot. In the 21st century, invention, discovery and progress remain the driving forces of this remarkable place, which responded to a terrible act of terrorism in 2017 by doubling down on the tolerant and inclusive attitudes toward all those who've made it home. For Mancunians born or based here, it is the best home in the world; for everyone else, it's a brilliant place to visit.    


Liverpool Is hard to visit and not be infected by Liverpudlians love for their own city. For decades this was a hardscrabble town beset by all manner of social ills, but still the love endured, finding its expression in a renowned gallows wit and an obsession with football. With the worst of times now firmly behind them, it's much easier to feel the love. The city's impressive cultural heritage, dating back to when Liverpool was Britain's second-most important city, is a source of justifiable pride to Scousers – as the locals are named, after Scouse, a fish-and-biscuit stew popular with sailors – but what really excites them is the ongoing program of urban regeneration that is transforming a once dilapidated city center into one of the most pleasant cities in northern England.


London has something for everyone: from history and culture to fine food and good times. Immersed in history, London's rich seams of eye-opening antiquity are everywhere. The city's buildings are striking milestones in a unique and beguiling biography, and a great many of them – the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben – are instantly recognizable landmarks. There’s more than enough innovation (the Shard, the Tate Modern extension, the Sky Garden) to put a crackle in the air, but it never drowns out London’s seasoned, centuries-old narrative. Architectural grandeur rises up all around you in the West End, ancient remains dot the City and charming pubs punctuate the historic quarters, leafy suburbs and riverbanks. Take your pick.

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